For coaches and consultants who transform lives...
Confidently Scale Your Business
From A New Depth of Clarity 
and Authenticity.
We'll show you how to bring in consistent, high-end clients and revenue without compromising your integrity.
What Our clients are saying
"Noah helped me transition from offering $150 sessions that could feel like a grind to a $10,000 high-end package and within one week I booked my first client!  I'm having a blast serving in a more committed and powerful container for transformation."
- Sam Morris, Teacher, Speaker, Mentor
"Noah and Om Marketing Group helped us generate over $170,000 in sales in one month, with over $85,000 cash in... Getting automated, high-end, quality leads for as little as $8 each!"
- Derek Rydall, Author, Teacher, Speaker
“Noah and Om Marketing Group helped me expand my reach and visibility in the world. As a result, we generated over $70,000 in revenue last month and over $350,000 in sales this quarter, serving amazing clients who are ready to go all in."
- Jeffrey Van Dyk, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor
"Having the right fit and heart-centered support was incredible..."
"I booked a $6,000 coaching client within one week and filled my 1-on-1!"
Once you know how to grow your business, you'll quickly realize that $10,000-$30,000 per month is just a first step...

And do you know what steps to take to get there and beyond?

Get a free Business Acceleration Session when you apply for Om Client Mastery now and we'll show you how!
This is for transformational coaches ANd consultants
who are spinning their wheels...
Are you tired of feeling fear or uncertainty in your business… not knowing exactly what to focus on, or what's actually working?

Are you experiencing inconsistent income… some months great and some a total bust?
Are you feeling the pressure of endless “shoulds”...? 

"I should be blogging more, doing more videos, mastering Facebook ads, starting a podcast, doing SOMETHING to get more clients..." (and it’s burning you out)?

Are you tired of not earning what you know you’re worth... 

Working really hard each month to serve clients who you feel like you have to drag across the finish line... instead of those who soak up the exceptional value of what it is you offer?

And are you tired of not being able to serve with your greatest gifts because you’re still struggling to learn how to market them... 

Which is standing in the way of you delivering what you’re already great at?

What is
Om Client Mastery?
A done-with-you 3 month Consulting Engagement designed to do one thing… 
Show you a step-by-step, holistic way to create $10,000-$30,000+ per month in consistent revenue WITHOUT having to become the next marketing ‘guru’ or push yourself to produce endlessly.

Our goal is to transform your marketing into something enjoyable, easy, effective, and deeply aligned with who you are… 

So you can spend more time serving others, growing your wisdom, and enjoying a life of prosperity, freedom and contribution.
If you get accepted into Om client Mastery,
HERE'S HOW WE'll Increase Your 
We’ll start by getting on the phone together to find out...
  •  What type of transformational work do you do?
  •  What motivates you to do your work?
  •  How are you currently generating clients?
  •  What does your sales process look like?
  •  Where do you want to take your vision
And then we’ll focus on a core, 3-step process:
Brand Development & Positioning
So you can stand confidently in the marketplace and deliver your message in a way that attracts ideal clients
High-Ticket Offer Structure & Model
So you can immediately put multi-thousand dollar clients into your practice that get exceptional results while you get paid what you’re truly worth
Content Strategy & Engagement Nurture
So you generate increased brand awareness, fresh leads, and new clients, every week.
It's that simple... 

In Om Client Mastery we give you what it takes to turn your transformational business into a sustainably growing, impact generating, prosperity producing machine. 

We've done it for some of America's top thought leaders and we can do it for you too.
Why this is different 
Unlike other programs, Om Client Mastery is a result of in the trenches marketing for some of America's top transformational leaders.

Om Client Mastery teaches a myriad of proven strategies, specifically tailored to selling transformational coaching or consulting (which requires a unique approach)...

It focuses on a holistic and aligned approach that can easily lead you to your first $10,000 - $30,000+ per month in revenues...

So you can experience the peace of mind and true freedom that comes from being paid awesomely to do what you LOVE - while delivering life-changing impact for others.
Why I'm So PAssionate
About Doing This Work
Should You Apply for Om client Mastery?
Om Client Mastery
is Perfect for You If...
You're done spinning your wheels... not knowing precisely what to do to grow your business.

You’re tired of trying to tinker with your marketing without knowing what's most worth your time.

You’re tired of experiencing the thrill of a new client sale... only to come crashing back down when your bank account starts running low (again).
You want marketing to not feel so Fake
Integrity and truth are so important to you that you really have no other choice...

It has to be real.  And yet, when you've been real, you may have also heard crickets.  

You know you need to learn how to market in a way that feels both true AND effective.
You’ve invested in courses, Programs, or masterminds but None of them have worked
This isn’t your first rodeo... and you might feel like you should be more successful than you already are.

Well, it's not your fault.  

Most courses were not designed with the specific needs of a transformational leader in mind...

That's why Om Client Mastery can help you succeed where others have failed.
You have some clients already but know you could be earning 
$10k-$30K+ Each month
It may feel like an invisible "glass ceiling"... 

But there's absolutely a way out.
You feel beyond ready for your Business to finally "WORK"
The reason you went into business is because you have a mission...  

You’re here to transform the lives of your clients through your gifts... 

And you're beyond ready to spend more time experiencing that.
*membership Criteria*
  • If your work doesn’t provide a transformational experience on any level, then Om Client Mastery is not for you. 
  • If you’re more interested in the safety of your limiting story, versus the bold action required to change your life and the lives of those you serve, then Om Client Mastery is not for you. 
  • If you aren’t positive that the work you do with clients is massively valuable, then Om Client Mastery is not for you.
So After everything we've discussed
Here’s What To Do NexT
At the bottom of this page you'll find a link to the Om Client Mastery application form...

It's free to apply and all that I ask is that you put a few moments of your time in to make it detailed...

It's only a few simple questions, and the more we know about you, the better we'll know if we're able to help you.

If your application is approved, we will contact you to set up a phone interview and ensure we're a fit to work together...

And if we are, then we'll be able to get started immediately.
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